The FOLDABLEtrailer brings many benefits, for example the following cases:

  • – there is no room for storage of normal fixed Trailer;
  • -you want to use available space in your Garage more efficiently;
  • -you don’t want your brandnew Trailer to stay outside in the Garden;
  • -inside storage to avoid stealing.

Folded it only needs a 65 – 70 cm wide stroke of room and stays on it’s wheels to ensure good and easy manouvrability. Folded it fits through a small door.

Watch video

FOLDABLE Trailer Introduction:

Discover how Easy the Foldable Trailer operates by watching this Introduction Movie Folding the CarryMate only takes 15 seconds without using any Tools.

Watch the Movie at You Tube.

CARRYMATE BV heeft, in samenwerking met het Belgische Asimex BV, Europese subsidie toegewezen gekregen voor een innovatie project. Lees meer


Easy & Simple

Folding the Trailer together only takes 15 seconds (watch video) without the use of any tools.


Even if the Trailer isn't folded completly together the possibility to fold only the Drawbar saves already a lot of room in storage.


The FOLDABLEtrailer is designed for professional purpose. The Heavy Duty Chassis is tested at Testfacilities of DAF Trucks (PACCAR). Through the Years this concept has proven itself and found many contented users for Private and Business Purposes.


The wide Range of Accessoiries makes the CarryMate FOLDABLEtrailer a multifunctional Trailer for almost every transport job.